Not for Profit CEO’s get paid about 30% less than the Private Sector

I was startled to hear a morning radio report last week that Not-for-Profit CEO’s were paid on average $224,000 a year.

What?  I said.   But it turns out that was one very misleading report!

What the item didn’t make clear was that the figure of $224,000  related only to  the largest  17 of New Zealand’s Not-for-Profits – all multi-million dollar businesses.

And even more importantly, those 17 CEO’s  were still likely to get  up to 30% less than their private sector counterparts.

And that’s the same for all Not-for-Profit CEO’s large and small.

This information was drawn from a Strategic Pay report.  (Strategic Pay is a remuneration and performance management research firm. ) Their report was called “Passion and Purpose: What drives CEOs in the Not for Profit Sector”

The report showed that CEOs in this sector were driven by the need to make a difference rather than their own personal financial reward.

Strategic Pay has since issued a press release clarifying this message.

For further information check it out on Scoop’s Business Pages – it’s called “CEOs lowly paid in Not For Profit sector – up to 30% less”

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