Metiria Turei (Co- Leader) Denise Roche (Spokesperson Community and Voluntary Sector)  : Green Party : March 2014

ComVoices met with Metiria and Denise and introduced ComVoices and the role that it plays.  The purpose of the meeting was clarified, (to present the key issues from the sector as summarised in Communities Count 2 – 2014,

We clarified our core commitment being recognition and support for Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Tangata Whenua, and we requested that government continue to recognise it’s place at the centre of all policy development and delivery, and we asked that there be clear accountability and monitoring of this.

We outlined the three key messages, and Metiria said that their three major policies featured inequality in all of them.

The Green party has started the process of talking about greed as the single driver that causes a huge number of problems.  This opens conversations. Matiria noted that Parliament had a cross party group to work on equality, but its success was variable.

There was discussion about some countries which have a democracy audit, and there was a discussion on the loss of democracy in NZ.

We discussed the Charities Commission and the issue of review of the definition of advocacy.  Denise has a draft bill “Charities as Advocates” but it is unlikely to come up in a ballot before the election.

Following further wide ranging discussion we advised that the ComVoices messages were being taken to all parties, and once the Communities Count 2 document has been ratified, we will forward it to them.