Louisa Wall – MP Labour Party : spokesperson on The Community and Voluntary Sector.

Following introductions and discussion about what ComVoices is and who is involved, the conversation was wide ranging before we got to the point of discussion of Communities Count 2.  Some of the issues discussed included;

  • the role of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • the role of the Kia Tutahi Accord
  • the situation regarding funding of Nga Pae ote Maramatanga.

Speaking to the messages from Communities Count 2, Louisa responded regarding her understanding that society needs to change and many Labour policies are around an increase in taxes to support this.

Louisa was keen on creating a sustainable system where community voices could be heard, and wanted the four well-beings to be brought back into the local government act.  There was conversation regarding the diminishing of OCVS without consultation with the sector and a strong message the Labour not to do anything with input from the Sector.

Themes regarding participation by the sector in government processes; consistency of funding and disappointment that the Sector is still debating with government the same issues we were addressing 10 years ago.  We discussed the perception that the Sector was not respected and how the core role of the sector as advocates was being denied to us.  Another theme discussed was the concerns around the contracting and competitive funding model and how it cannot work at the same time as we are being asked to collaborate.

We clarified that the sector has a strong sense of identity and although it does not want to be government, it does want to be involved in decisions made by government.  Louisa asked about issues to do with the  Charities Act and the lack of review of this Act as was promised previously by the Government.