MANA – Dr Helen Potter : Senior Advisor/Researcher

Following introductions and clarification about ComVoices  Dr Potter suggested that it would be great to have an international indigenous speaker with a Maori MP as host.  This was agreed as an excellent idea.

Dr Potter agreed to send Mana’s small business and community policy to send to ComVoices members.  There was discussion about the lack of information on ethnicity based issues and Dr Potter suggested that lack of challenge of this issue makes people complicit.
Dr Potter said that the Mana Party was prepared to be bold and say and do the things that need to be done, and that is their contribution ot the public discourse.

Dr Potter agreed with all the main points as outlined in Communities Count 2 and added following points:

  • Mana believes the entire tax, banking and finance system needs to be reformed.
  • Dr Potter had worked at NZCER and with all their expertise and resources it would take a week minimum to complete a simple RFP to GETS.  She understood the difficulty for sector organisations to be able to enter the competitive contracting environment via on-line RFP.

Dr Potter said that Mana would look through the ComVoices key messages and would also review  Kia Tutahi .