Our work

Our Mission

To ensure that within Aotearoa New Zealand there is a strong collaborative voice reflecting and promoting the value and common concerns of the Tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector through information, advocacy and dialogue.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Proactive: Promote discussion and awareness of agreed sector messages (beyond individual agency goals)
  • Responsive: Provide leadership and co-ordination on issues about the sector
  • Engages: Profile the sector through building a sense of identity within the sector and with government
  • Resourced: Develop an effective and sustainable business model.

Our work

  • Community Scoop Featured Content

ComVoices participants contribute weekly to the Community Scoop featured content blog.


  • Parliamentary Breakfasts

We hold breakfasts at Parliament with international and guests speakers. Invitees include MPs, Ministers, government agency staff and community sector representatives.

  • State of the Sector Survey 2014

A survey of over 300 community organisations shows many are under severe pressure. Most groups are doing more work than ever for less money, groups are struggling to retain qualified staff, they see threats to traditional collaboration, and a few groups are facing closure.

Over the past months in the lead up to the 2014 General Election, ComVoices consistently received feedback from community organisations that they found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

To help us gain more clarity around the reality for the sector and take a snapshot of where people in the sector are, ComVoices released a survey based around who the organisations in the Community and Voluntary Sector are, the work they deliver, who they are funded by, their resourcing and capacity and the financial viability of their organisation.

Our survey was sent to all ComVoices umbrella groups which then forwarded it onto their members.  311 responses were received – a high response rate for a survey of this kind and indicating significant concern to the sector.

  • Communities Count 2: ComVoices Pre-Election Briefing 2014

The purpose of this briefing was to update the messages and key issues currently concerning the Community and Voluntary Sector.  Prepared by ComVoices, a large group of national organisations the paper was written and tested via consultancy by national organisations in the community and voluntary sector.

Proud to present Communities Count #2, we encouraged anyone to download this document, and use it as a base for discussion, and representation.  Organisations could then speak specifically to their own issues by using the document to lay the groundwork first and enabling further discussion on what is relevant to each group.

  • Strategic Priorities for ComVoices in 2011 -12

After the 2011 briefing, ComVoices concluded the network existed for two reasons –

  1. Provide a forum for mutual information sharing and support where senior leaders of NGOs feel they can become better informed of issues, develop joint strategies but maintain their individual stances and approaches as appropriate.
  2. Provide comment and responses on sector and government policy issues.

  • Communities Count: ComVoices Pre-Election Briefing 2011

This briefing summarised key community sector issues and solutions dealing specifically with emerging issues and policy challenges in 2011.

Prepared by ComVoices, an independent coalition of Community Sector organisations, the docuemtn was to help promote the value, scale and scope of the Sector to our society.

  • Briefing to the Incoming Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector 2011

The purpose of this briefing is to summarise key community and voluntary sector issues and solutions. It deals with specific issues and identifies emerging issues and policy challenges.

ComVoices members have worked constructively with previous governments on a range of policy and initiatives, including the Code of Funding Practice, Giving and Generosity, tax changes for donations and the Community Response Fund.

The briefing was cc’ed to the Prime Minister and Ministers of Health, Social Development, Finance, Education, Justice, Revenue, Whanau Ora and Disability Issues, Housing, Internal Affairs, State Services and Corrections.