State of the Sector Survey 2014

A survey of over 300 community organisations shows many are under severe pressure. Most groups are doing more work than ever for less money, groups are struggling to retain qualified staff, they see threats to traditional collaboration, and a few groups are facing closure.

Over the past months in the lead up to the 2014 General Election, ComVoices consistently received feedback from community organisations that they found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

To help us gain more clarity around the reality for the sector and take a snapshot of where people in the sector are, ComVoices released a survey based around who the organisations in the Community and Voluntary Sector are, the work they deliver, who they are funded by, their resourcing and capacity and the financial viability of their organisation.

Our survey was sent to all ComVoices umbrella groups which then forwarded it onto their members.  311 responses were received – a high response rate for a survey of this kind and indicating significant concern to the sector.


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