Strategic Plan 2012

ComVoices Strategic Plan 2012


ComVoices is a network of national organisations in the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector. We come together to:

  • develop a proactive agenda to pursue our vision
  • share our knowledge
  • construct effective responses to emerging policies that impact on the communities we serve.

Our Vision:

Confident, connected communities served by a valued and collaborative community sector.

Our Mission:

To ensure that within Aotearoa New Zealand there is a strong collaborative voice reflecting and promoting the value and common concerns of the Tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector through information, advocacy and dialogue.

Our Strategic Goals 2011/14

  • ComVoices is Proactive: Promote discussion and awareness of agreed sector messages (beyond individual agency goals)
  • ComVoices is Responsive: Provide leadership and co-ordination on issues about the sector
  • ComVoices Engages: Profile the sector through building a sense of identity within the sector and with government
  • ComVoices is Resourced: Develop an effective and sustainable business model

Priorities 2011 -12

  • Identify/reaffirm ComVoices vision and values.
  • Review the three issues that have been identified as common to the sector, and core to ComVoices agreement:
    • Funding and sustainability
    • The value scale and scope of the sector
    • The independence of the sector
  • Promote understanding and awareness of our core messages.
  • Review and promote Communities Count post-election.


Provide a forum for mutual information sharing and support where senior leaders of NGOs feel they can become better informed of issues, develop joint strategies but maintain their individual stances and approaches as appropriate.

Provide comment and responses on sector and government policy issues.

Develop a set of core messages about priorities for the sector to engage on with political parties prior to the election (Communities Count).

Hold meetings with cabinet Ministers and MPs and the outcomes are reported back to members.

Develop post election messages and briefings, and build further strategies to build common messages and vision

Develop a range of communication tools for engaging with the wider community sector, e.g. Facebook, websites.

Seek opportunities to hold events, including Parliamentary Breakfasts, to engage with the wider community sector.

Identify a range of revenue streams to fund ComVoices, including subscriptions, philanthropic grants and self-generated income.
Identify an alternative and cost effective mechanism for the provision of Media Alerts.

Identify how we can make best use of IdeasShop’s expertise within available resources.

Key Performance Indicators

ComVoices has an agreed vision and values.

Core issues are current and relevant and provide a platform for action.

ComVoices members are well informed.

Com Voices can respond to sector issues and government policy.

ComVoices is seen as an influential media commentator and members are sought out for commentary on issues affecting the sector.

The wider community sector is aware of and discusses our core messages and responses to issues.

Parliamentary Breakfasts are well supported by Parliamentarians and the wider sector.

The sector, throughout NZ, has the opportunity to engage and learn through ComVoices’ events.

A network of organisations actively identifies themselves as ComVoices members, comes to meetings regularly, contribute to planning and policy development and to the resourcing of ComVoices activities.